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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Printables to Help you Stay Organized in School

The Assignments List and Assignment Planner Printables to help you stay organized in school!
Assignments List and Assignment Planner shown in "Colorful" Design

School is right around the corner and while I graduated a couple of years ago my sister is entering her sophomore year in college. I've helped her with organization before and this year I created some printables that are perfect for keeping track of her class schedule and assignments. These would be perfect for you too!

Class Schedule Printable perfect for a weekly view of your classes! Also has space for class room number and professor name. This is essential for the first couple of weeks of school!
Monday through Friday Class Schedule shown in "Colorful Dots" Design

The Class Schedule printable comes in 2 versions:

  1. Monday through Friday 
  2. Monday through Saturday (for those who have the dreaded Saturday classes!)

Use the Class Schedule page to keep track of your classes, room numbers, professor names, and day and time. This is a great visual representation of your weekly routine for the semester. You can also include other events that are repeated weekly such as meetings, work, or study group times.

Never miss a due date with this Assignments List Printable!
Assignments List and Assignment Planner Shown in "Colorful" Design. 
Keep track of ALL of your class assignments with this Assignments List printable. When I was in school I found that having an assignments list for every month is what worked for me. To use this printable I suggest that once you have all of your class syllabi you open them all to the assignments page, highlight the items for the first month of school, enter in the dates, class name, and assignments in order for the month. You can do this by entering the text in Adobe Reader, saving the file, then printing or by printing out the Assignments List and handwriting in everything. Then repeat the process for every month of the semester. The Assignments list could then be placed in your planner or can be hung in your room to help remind you what you have due. 

Have a big project or assignment to work on? Use the Assignment Planner to break it down to smaller to do items!
Assignment Planner show in "Colorful" Design 
Use the Assignment Planner to keep track of to do items for big projects. Have a major research paper due at the end of the semester? Break it down into smaller, more manageable to do items and check them off as you complete them. My sister said this would be specifically helpful when preparing for her midterm presentations! 

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