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Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Printable Binder Covers

Free Printable Binder Covers by Jessica Marie Design

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you are having a day full of love, friends, and family! I am spending my day working and my evening with the bf :) Since sending each of you a home made brownie would be both a lot of baking and a lot of time I thought that some custom free printable binder covers would be a good compromise! :) 

I've designed a pretty heart pattern and used it as the background for 5 fun binder covers! 

Free Printable Binder Covers by Jessica Marie Design
Each binder cover also has a corresponding back page and spines for different binder sizes. Printable binder covers are a fun way to decorate your school, office, or home binders! 

Free Printable Binder Covers by Jessica Marie Design


  1. Download the printable binder covers
  2. Open the PDF with Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader is a free download!)
  3. Change the monogram to your own using this format: First Name Initial: lowercase, Last Name Initial: uppercase, Middle Name Initial: lowercase
  4. Print your binder covers and spines. I recommend printing on card stock.
  5. Slip into a clear sleeve binder and enjoy! 

Looking for more fun prints and colors? Check out the other binder covers in my Etsy Shop! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dress your tech: Bisou

Dress your tech - free download! by Jessica Marie Design

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought it would be nice to dress our tech with a "bisou" desktop wallpaper that matches the printable art

Download for your screen size and enjoy! 
Don't know your screen size? Click Here and it will tell you what it is :) 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Black and White Bookmarks

Free Printable Black and White Bookmarks by Jessica Marie Design

Free Printable Black and White Bookmarks by Jessica Marie Design

Free Printable Black and White Bookmarks by Jessica Marie Design

Hooray for new bookmarks! I am planning on getting a couple of new books this week so I thought it was the perfect time for a new set of printable bookmarks! I am in love with everything black, white, and gold right now so the bookmarks are designed to fit in with this color palette.


2) Adobe Reader (This will let you change the monogram to your own)
4) Printer
5) Scissors

2) Open the PDF in Adobe Reader
3) Customize the monogram for each bookmark (left initial: lowercase, center initial: uppercase, right initial: lowercase) Learn about Monogram Etiquette>>
4) Print the bookmarks on White Card Stock 
5) Cut the bookmarks out
6) Fold the bookmarks at the dashed line
7) Admire your adorable monogram bookmarks and get reading!

P.S. there are more bookmark designs available at ThePreppyGreek.etsy.com


Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Organized - Day Planner

The new year hit me so quickly that I can hardly believe it's already February. I have so many goals I'd like to accomplish this year but if every month reflects what I did in January then I won't have much to celebrate. While I was up late thinking about everything I want to do (workout more, blog more, eat healthier, etc) I decided that I really need to commit to schedule my days to be more productive.

While my monthly and weekly planners are effective for getting organized I kept finding myself wishing I had more space to write and keep track of everything. This need led me to create my day planner page!

  • Custom header - customize with your name or title for your day
  • Custom section titles - everyone has different goals and needs so the section titles are customizable so you can organize your day how you like
  • Hourly planner - make the most out of your day by scheduling in your most important tasks
  • Menu - plan what you will eat for the day and keep track of how much water you drink 

I am using my day planner page to be more productive and schedule in time for the tasks that will help me reach my goals. I like breaking down my day and seeing everything that has to be done and how much time I should be dedicating to it. It really helps to have sections for all my goals so that I always know what I have to do.


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