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Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Organized - Day Planner

The new year hit me so quickly that I can hardly believe it's already February. I have so many goals I'd like to accomplish this year but if every month reflects what I did in January then I won't have much to celebrate. While I was up late thinking about everything I want to do (workout more, blog more, eat healthier, etc) I decided that I really need to commit to schedule my days to be more productive.

While my monthly and weekly planners are effective for getting organized I kept finding myself wishing I had more space to write and keep track of everything. This need led me to create my day planner page!

  • Custom header - customize with your name or title for your day
  • Custom section titles - everyone has different goals and needs so the section titles are customizable so you can organize your day how you like
  • Hourly planner - make the most out of your day by scheduling in your most important tasks
  • Menu - plan what you will eat for the day and keep track of how much water you drink 

I am using my day planner page to be more productive and schedule in time for the tasks that will help me reach my goals. I like breaking down my day and seeing everything that has to be done and how much time I should be dedicating to it. It really helps to have sections for all my goals so that I always know what I have to do.


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