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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Printable Monogram Bookmarks

Printable Monogram Bookmarks!

I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon a few weeks ago and most of them have to do with blogging and being a creative enteprenuer. I am extremely passionate about design and really enjoy reading about how to continue building my design business. I can't tell you if the books are any good yet but I'll be sure to review them for you once I am done!

Anywho, as I've started reading the books, I've used everything from recipts to post it notes as bookmarks. I've had my fair share of actual bookmarks but somehow I always end up losing them. So I put my creative problem solving brain to work and came up with printable monogram bookmarks! I feel so silly that I hadn't thought of this sooner! With printable bookmarks I can print out a ton and have them handy for whenever they are needed. Losing them won't matter anymore because I can always print out more!

Free Printable Monogram Bookmarks I create a set of bookmarks perfect for spring and summer reading. I call them Fold Over Bookmarks. I don't know if there's a better name for them, but to me it makes since since you fold over the top part to wrap over the page you want to mark!

1) Bookmark PDF
2) Adobe Reader (This will let you change the monogram to your own)
3) White Card Stock
4) Printer
5) Scissors

1) Download the Bookmark PDF
2) Open the PDF in Adobe Reader
3) Customize the monogram for each bookmark (left initial: lowercase, center initial: uppercase, right initial: lowercase) Learn about Monogram Etiquette>>
4) Print the bookmarks on White Card Stock
5) Cut the bookmarks out
6) Fold the bookmarks at the dashed line
7) Admire your adorable monogram bookmarks and get reading!

Do you have a summer reading list? 


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