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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gingham Dress Your Tech Wallpapers

So if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you've probably noticed that I am posting a lot more lately... that's because I finally got a new phone! I've had an old and slow iPhone for the last couple of years. I'm talking about so slow that I refused to get online with it. It was really just a phone I would text with.

Now that I have a new phone I've been a little tweet and photo happy and I've also decided to create some cute new wallpapers for it! For these Dress your tech wallpapers I decided on coral and navy (I'm obsessed with the color combo!) and gingham since it's perfect for summer! When you download the dress your tech wallpapers you will get wallpapers for you computer, iPad, iPhone, and Facebook Cover photo. 

Download these free monogram + gingham dress your tech wallpapers from Jessica Marie Design!

Dress Your Tech Wallpaper Instructions:
  1. Like the Jessica Marie Design Facebook Page
  2. Download the File from the Facebook Page
  3. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader
  4. Change the Monogram to your own (Read about Monogram Etiquette
    1. First Initial = Lowercase
    2. Last Initial = Uppercase
    3. Middle Initial = Lowercase 
  5. Download the instructions about exporting
    1. Show of your cute Gingham and Monogram computer wallpaper, iPad wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper, and Facebook Cover photo! 
    Let me know if you need any help with downloading or setting up your wallpapers.

    I've also created some cute Gingham iPhone cases! Which one is your favorite? 

    Navy Gingham iPhone 5 CoverCoral Gingham iPhone 5 Covers

    Navy Gingham  |  Coral Gingham

    Gingham items available in the Jessica Marie Design Zazzle Shop 


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