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Monday, June 10, 2013

Printable + Customizable 5x7 Notebook

Printable 5x7in. notebook from Jessica Marie Design

There is no denying I love a cute notebook! I have a notebook for everything, my blog post ideas, to-do list, to write down random thoughts, and to keep track of expenses. I can never have to many notebooks!
Printable Notebook and Book Marks
Printable Notebook and Printable Bookmarks for Steve's mom!
If you've visited my Etsy shop, you've probably seen my line of printables. These cute little printable notebooks are now available as part of the printables! But since I love y'all I've decided to make the Navy notebook available as a free printable!  Follow the instructions below to download the notebook. If you print it out share your photos with me #jessmariedesign.

Printable 5x7in. Notebook from Jessica Marie Design

Customize & Print your own Notebook!

Getting and Editing the File

  1. Like the Jessica Marie Design Facebook Page to gain access to the Notebook PDF file.
  2. Download the PDF. 
  3. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader (Free Download Here). Please make sure to open the file in Adobe Reader so that you can edit the text in the file. 
  4. Edit the title of your notebook on the cover page and add your name to the inside cover. 
Printing the File
  1. Print the outside and inside covers on white card stock. You will get the best results when you select double sided printing. Double sided printing is different depending on your printer.
  2. Print one copy of the blank page template and use it to trim the rest of your pages. 
Trimming the Notebook Pages
  1. For the cover page: trim outside of the solid line.
  2. For the inside pages: trim outside of the solid line. Use the template to cut out as many pages as you want for your notebook. (I noticed that about 10 pages works best!)
Binding the Notebook
  1. You can follow some great tutorials about hand stitching the notebook together.
  2. Stitch your notebook with a sewing machine.
  3. Or you can just staple it together. :) 

Hope you enjoy your cute new notebook! 

P.S. Check out the other colors available in my Etsy Shop
Cute Printable Mini Notebooks!


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